In early 2007, officials from the Western Kings Board of trade and the Town of Berwick met to discuss the economic development needs of the community. The Kings Regional Development Authority provided support in creating a unique plan to address the economic requirements of the town and also the surrounding area. It was agreed that not only was a strategy necessary, but also a creative and dedicated group of people to implement the plan.

Individuals from various sectors were identified to populate the committee and develop a strategy. The people responded and in a short time, representatives from agriculture, retail, health, manufacturing, professional services and local government were at the table. This group created goals that centred on developing a healthy community, ensuring positive experiences in town, beautifying the streets, increasing commercial and industrial diversification, and supporting local organizations. The committee secured funding for a coordinator and implemented a three-year plan. With success in each area and greater interest from the community at large, a restructuring was required.

The Economic Development Advisory Committee was recently reshaped to include representatives of organizations in the community interested in partnering on broader community and economic development. The committee now includes a very diverse group of agencies including the Town of Berwick, County of Kings, Western Kings Board of Trade, Western Kings Memorial Health Society, Kings Mutual Century Centre and the Kings Regional Development Authority. These groups all contribute to the budget to support a coordinator and have completed a strategic plan for 2010 to 2013. This unique set of partners are enthusiastic and dedicated in supporting a vision that Berwick and area will thrive as a vibrant, healthy community with unique opportunities to live, work, play and do business!


The strategic plan for the Berwick & Area Economic Development Advisory Committee was facilitated by the Kings Regional Development Agency through five strategic planning sessions. All members of the committee were asked to provide their input, and the plan was formally adopted in February 2011.

Download the Berwick & Area Economic Development Advisory Committee's Strategic Plan

The Economic Development Advisory Committee meets monthly on the second Monday at 6:30pm in the Town Hall Chambers, 236 Commercial Street, Berwick.

Contact: Director of Community Development Telephone: (902) 538-4016 Office: 236 Commercial Street, Berwick NS