As Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) I welcome you to the Town of Berwick. This website is designed for citizens and visitors who want to learn about our Town and the services we provide. My vision is to enrich our web presence to the public, not only as a well of information from which concerned citizens can draw, but also as a window through which they can see what we're up to at the Town Hall, with clarity and accountability, unobstructed.

As CAO I coordinate the business of the municipality, striving for smooth operations and smart investments. Serving an elected council I also have a duty to promote, and administer democratic values in the community, including public engagement and civic literacy. This means always encouraging citizens to participate in local decision-making for the common good: as citizen representatives on committees; as candidates in local elections; as respondents to surveys; as speakers at public hearings; as voters voicing their concerns to Council, either verbally or in writing.

We boast a talented management team of professionals. These leaders plan and direct all activities of the municipal corporation. We have a dedicated staff that gets the job done, everything from organizing events, to plowing snow, from overseeing subdivision developments to giving swimming lessons. Our staff is open, accessible, friendly. Good old fashioned, small-town service to residents and visitors makes the wheel go round in Berwick.

I'm particularly proud of our Town Hall atmosphere. It's abuzz with family-oriented action, the furthest thing from a cold, sterile, bureaucratic office. Citizens young and old make daily use of our on-site gymnasium and the same goes for the on-site library and multipurpose meeting room, just down the hall. We have regular day-care programs, club meetings, blood donor clinics, special community-oriented workshops, and our offices are wide open to the daily hubbub. The CAO is as likely to receive a 7-year old who needs her backpack adjusted as he is the Minister of the Environment. We get the work done, but we're accessible too. We are, after all, a public organization.

Our Town is a progressive municipality, focusing on how our community will evolve over the coming decades. Our various committees and administrative departments deal with forward-looking themes in alternative energy, modern rural living, social and cultural events, and business, big and small.

I hold this Office as an interim appointment due to financial conditions expected to be temporary. I am normally employed by the Town’s Electric Commission as Director. I am honoured to be able to aid Berwick in this circumstance; I consider the Office a conduit between citizens and the Town’s Administration and my door is usually open.

Don Regan , CAO (902) 538-4007

Don Regan, CAO
(902) 538-4007