The Apple Capital Museum and Visitor Information Center welcomes visitors and residents to explore our heritage, cultural and other local secrets in Berwick and surrounding areas.

The facility is located at 173 Commercial Street and open to the public throughout the summer. The Visitor Information Centre is open to help tourists with all their questions. The Apple Capital Museum collects and displays historical paraphernalia about the Annapolis Valley’s apple industry and its founders, as well as information on residents and community history of interest to Berwick and District.

No visit to Berwick is complete without experiencing its famous collection of objects from the apple and railway era at the Apple Capital Museum. Did you know that the museum also hosts a live bee display enclosed in glass by means of a tube leading outside, showing how they work together to build their community as we build ours? Ask our knowledgeable staff how the bees benefit the fruit industry, especially the apples in our area!

Need directions or advice as to what fun and exciting assets we have to offer in Berwick and the surrounding area? Stop by the Apple Capital Museum as it also doubles as a Visitor Information Center, and speak to the friendly staff that take pride and radiate excitement as they share their secret spots with you!

Grab a splash of apple cider and talk about exploring and discovering these spots, and be sure to bring your camera as you don’t want to miss these memorable experiences to share with your friends and family. There is simply so much to enjoy here!

The staff can assist with:

  • Maps and brochures of Berwick and surrounding areas
  • Brochures covering all regions of Nova Scotia
  • Accommodation and dining needs
  • Books and publications on the history of Berwick
  • Clean toilets
  • Bay of Fundy and coastal information
  • Local tide times
  • And so much more!

The above is just a taste of the discoveries waiting for you and your family in Berwick and surrounding area, so when are you coming? Keep checking the website for new events happening that may be of interest, and we will all learn and have fun together in this fantastic community!