Can you think of a fun and exciting hobby that includes young people, older generations, and even retirees? It’s called Geocaching and it’s becoming so popular that we want to share it with you! The term Geocaching, pronounced “Geo-cashing,” is a fairly new and unique outdoor activity being played by people all over the world hoping to “cache” in on the fun!

Geocachers find themselves exploring different places, such as wilderness areas, hiking or walking trails, parks, fishing holes … and the list goes on. Recreation and technology have come together to take the world by storm and they’ve done it by creating a high tech way to treasure hunt. The concept is easy: you use a GPS unit (Global Positioning System) to find hidden treasure or “caches” that are cleverly camo’d (disguised) and placed, blending in with their surroundings, making the containers harder to spot thereby increasing the challenge! In order to find the cache you must download latitude and longitude coordinates from a website such as Geocaching (this website also features instructions, forums, blogs, videos, events, and much more). Geocachers are hiding and finding geocaches every day, and there are over 1 million caches hidden in the world to date!

Geocachers love the challenge of the search just as much as finding the camo’d containers. Inside you will find a log to sign, proving you found the cache. Geocachers may read the past logs if they wish and trade small cache items, like toys or pins. It’s easy: if you take something, leave something!

One very important thing to remember is to use stealth when finding and retrieving the cache from its location. If an ordinary person sees you poking around, it increases the chances of the container and its contents becoming “muggled,” a geocaching term for being stolen. This is no fun for the owner who hides and maintains the cache, especially if they have trackable items within.

To complete the adventure, the Geocacher logs onto Geocaching and records the specific caches they have or haven’t found. If they’ve had anything funny happen to them or if the just want to discuss the weather, this is where they would do it, sharing their experience for the next Geocacher to read.

This recreational activity is motivating people to get out and explore the outdoors, find new parks and trails, experiencing something new every time. The cool thing is, each area you go to will have caches set out by local Geocachers sharing with you their special or interesting feature…some of which will take you off the beaten path to places you would have never found on your own. How cool is that?

So what does all this have to do with the Town of Berwick, one might ask? In Berwick and surrounding areas, local Geocachers have been exploring and setting out new caches for us to find! There are a series of caches published along the old railway bed, one at Town Hall, and numerous scattered from one end of town to the other (and beyond). These have attracted Geocaching enthusiasts to our community. Once you’re hooked, you can jump “feet first” into this exciting activity and increase your number of geocache finds!