Kings County is home to a large number of lakes and ponds, some suited for swimming and boating, others suited for fishing or paddling. Lakes provide the perfect place to plant yourself on a hot summer’s day for recreation and relaxation.

Berwick is fortunate to have a number of beautiful lakes nearby:

Aylesford Lake is home to many cottages and year-round residents. The lake also has a public beach with fully accessible parking, playground, pathways, picnic areas, boardwalk, canteen, and toilets. The public beach is typically open from early June to early September, and is supervised by lifeguards. A public boat launch is also available. Click here for directions from Berwick to Aylesford Lake.

Lake George Provincial Park, near Aylesford Lake, is also home to a number of cottages and year-round residents. Although smaller in size, Lake George also has a public beach area, parking, and a boat ramp, as well as a picnic area and change rooms. It’s a beautiful spot for a dip on a hot summer’s day, and a safe swimming area is roped off from boaters. Click here for directions from Berwick to Lake George.

Tupper Lake is a small lake in Kings County, between Berwick and Kentville. It is closed to motorized boats but has a public launch for non-motorized boats such as kayaks and canoes. The lake is also fairly shallow and is suitable for swimming. Click here for directions from Berwick to Tupper Lake.

The Cloud Lake Wilderness Area is one of 31 Protected Areas set aside by the Nova Scotia Government in the Wilderness Areas Preservation Act. This area, comprised of 10,830 hectares of land, boundaries Annapolis and Kings Counties and would be suited for the avid wilderness traveler. The landscape is composed mainly of granite bedrock, forested land forms, glacial deposits, large scattered lakes, steep-sided streams, and wetlands. It offers excellent opportunities for backcountry hiking and camping, canoeing, fishing, and hunting. Click here for directions from Berwick to Cloud Lake.