The Finance Department is responsible for managing all of the fiscal affairs of the Town and supporting the financial related operations of other Town departments. It collects, records, deposits and disburses all funds for the Town. The department is also responsible for development of the annual budget, long-range financial plans, assisting Town leadership with policy decisions that may impact Town finances and developing and implementing policies and procedures that serve to protect all Town assets.

Other department responsibilities include accounting, financial reporting, property tax administration, debt management, cash management, payroll and general customer support duties.

Finance is also assigned with Information Technology responsibilities including computer maintenance, network administration, data backup and recovery, software management, and technical support for all Town departments.

Financial Statements for the Town of Berwick can be found in Municipal Documents under "Finance".


The costs for Berwick's local government service to its residents, businesses, and institutions are covered primarily through the property tax. Each year, properties in the Town of Berwick are assessed property taxes that help pay for town services such as recreation facilities, parks and trails, police and fire protection and sewer systems. Council establishes Tax Rates, based on assessed values, sufficient to pay for those expenditures that are not recovered from other revenue sources.

Tax bills are issued twice per year: an interim bill (estimated at half of the current year's taxes) in April, due May 31st, and a final bill in September, due October 31st.

Tax Rates (per $100 of assessed value)

Residential/Resource Rate
2019/2020: 1.189
2018/2019: 1.189
2017/2018: 1.199
2016/2017: 1.199
2015/2016: 1.209
2014/2015: 1.197
2013/2014: 1.508
2012/2013: 1.591
Commercial Rate
2019/2020: *3.481
2018/2019: 3.481
2017/2018: 3.491
2016/2017: 3.491
2015/2016: 3.501
2014/2015: 3.489
2013/2014: 3.800
2012/2013: 3.880

Sewer Rate
2019/2020: *
2018/2019: *
2017/2018: *
2016/2017: *
2015/2016: *
2014/2015: *
2013/2014: *
2012/2013: 0.117
Education Levy Rate**
2019/2020: *0.336
2018/2019: 0.336
2017/2018: 0.327
2016/2017: 0.327
2015/2016: 0.310
2014/2015: 0.33
2013/2014: -
2012/2013: -

* Since 2013, sewer rates will be determined based on property class rather than assessed value.

** In 2014/2015, Council stripped the required education contribution to the Regional School Board out of the residential and commercial rates. This is simply a reallocation of rates and did not impact either the residential or commercial rates.


Setting up pre-authorized payments allows the town to withdraw funds from your account monthly or semi-annually (May and October). This payment option lets you pay your taxes in easy installments throughout the year.

The form is available in the town hall.

If you have any questions on how to fill out the form or want to know your estimated monthly amounts, please contact the office at (902) 538 4009.


The Personal Property Tax Exemption is available to low income residential property owners living in their own homes, whose taxes are not in arrears. The exemption is granted to every person assessed with respect to taxable property in the Town of Berwick whose total income from all sources (and including the income of all other persons of the same family residing in the same household as the applicant ratepayer) for the year preceding the year for which the exemption is sought (i.e. 2018) is $27,000.00 or less (TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS) excluding War Veteran's Allowance or War Pension, and who is a resident of the Town of Berwick.

Application forms are now available at the Town Hall, or to download a copy of the application form click on the link: 2019 Low Income Property Tax Exemption Form

The Application must be completed in full and returned to the Town Hall on or before August 31, 2019.