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Updated Protection From Second Hand Smoke Bylaw


 1.    No person shall smoke (includes tobacco and cannabis)  in any of the following places:

a.       a park or playground on town property;

b.      an outdoor recreational facility on town property, including but not limited to a sports  field, grandstand, seating area or bleacher;

c.       the grounds of a town building, except within designated smoking areas;

d.      the grounds of an event on town property that is open to the public, including but not limited to a festival, market or concert, whether admittance to the event is gratis or for a fee;

e.      a trail or path on town property or property the town is licensed to maintain;

f.        any street or sidewalk;

g.      in or at a bus stop or shelter, or within four (4) meters of a bus stop or shelter.

Offence and Penalty

 2.    Anyone who violates any section of this by-law is guilty of an offence. The out of court settlement is a fine of $237.50.