Thank you to all Berwick Energy Partners that are currently signed up to participate in the Direct Load Control and PACE programs. To show our appreciation, we have entered all current Berwick Energy Partners into a draw for a gift voucher on September 1st, 2017. There will be two more draws that will include both new and existing Berwick Energy Partners. These draws will take place on December 1st and March 1st to mark the kick off and completion of this year’s Direct Load Control program. All gift vouchers will be from local businesses that call the Town of Berwick home.

If you haven’t signed up but are looking to get involved it’s easy! For more information on how to become a Berwick Energy Partner, CLICK HERE.

Those who have already signed up for the Direct Load Control program can expect installations to take place from September through November. A representative from AMG Energy will be in contact to arrange timing for installation.

For further information, call AMG Energy at 902.542.5223 or send an e-mail to The good folks at AMG Energy will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

The Town of Berwick has installed an new IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone system for the new Berwick Town Hall. The one number to call is 902-538-8068 to reach any of the Town Hall staff. Please listen carefully to the options and enter the number for whom you would like reach. Each department has an extension, which is the last four digits for the phone number you would previously called. You can also press # at any time to reach the Billing Clerk. The phone system and numbers for Public Works and the Berwick Electric Commission have not changed. Thank you in advance for your patience during this transition.
Visit the CONTACT US page for list of extensions

Power Outage Line: 902-538-4744