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Rural Nova Scotia Municipal Utility Takes Step Into The Future



Rural Nova Scotia Municipal Utility Takes Step Into The Future



Berwick, N.S. Rural Nova Scotia is leading the low carbon energy transition movement through an advanced energy storage pilot project.


Equilibrium Engineering (Kentville, NS), StorTera (Scotland, UK) and Dalhousie University’s Renewable Energy Storage Lab have partnered with the Town of Berwick to develop an intelligent energy storage system. The project would increase the market uptake of renewable energy, save customers money and provide value to Berwick Electric (the electricity grid operator).


The partners were in Ottawa, ON recently and pitched their proposal to Natural Resources Canada as part of the Power Forward Challenge that brought firms from Canada and the UK together to collaborate on energy distribution projects.  Thirty-seven (37) projects were initially submitted, seven (7) were shortlisted and three (3) proposals were approved.


The $3.2 million project will explore an innovative business model that couples solar PV, battery storage, and energy efficiency upgrades for residential users. Those efforts will provide a pathway for utilities to increase electrification and deliver deep greenhouse gas reductions. The business and financing model leapfrogs regulatory cost of service model issues, merging the behind-the-meter values of energy storage with grid operator values, and makes the energy system of the future achievable now.


We’re going where very few have gone to date, it’s exciting times in the energy world,” says Town of Berwick Mayor Don Clarke. “There’s an opportunity here for us to take further control of our energy costs, and continue to develop our renewable energy strategy. This would build upon the success of our 25 MW wind farm developed with other Nova Scotian municipal electric utilities. Because we own our utility we understand the commitment we make to the residents of the town for reliable, green, economic power.





Media Contacts:

Jeremy Lutes, Principal, Equilibrium Engineering, Canada



Mayor Don Clarke, Town of Berwick