Berwick Energy Partnership


The Berwick Electric Commission (BEC) operates electrical service for the Town of Berwick. The BEC currently owns a share in the Ellershouse wind farm and a hydro dam which allows for a supply of about 48% of Berwick’s overall energy requirements from renewables.  Since imported energy is about 29% renewable our supply is 60%+ green. It is the cleanest energy in Nova Scotia!


The Town of Berwick is currently about to roll out efficiency programming to help its residents and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions! Stay tuned to this website for further details.

Summer 2019 - an exciting time to make the energy improvements you've wanted to do.

There will be public and industry events held during the summer of 2019 to explain the programs and what Berwick can do for you to save money, save the environment, and access Efficiency Nova Scotia rebates - all at no upfront costs. Homeowners and businesses can finance upgrades over 10 years with no upfront money, 4% interest, and with no penalties to pay off early. The payments can also be transferred at the time of a property sale (similar to a furnace lease). There isn't an easier way for you to make the energy changes you have always wanted - so give us a call.

In the meantime if you are considering a heat pump installation, or upgrading your home's insulation, doors, windows, give us a call at 902-670-7622 and talk to Duncan, the Berwick Energy Financing Coordinator. If you burn oil and you see a need to replace your oil tank, furnace, oil fueled water heater or chimney now is a good time to consider conversion to electric.

Duncan will be happy to explain how the program works and how easy it is for you to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and greener today.

Did you know? Free Energy Upgrades.

Did you know... there are free upgrades you can get installed in your home, including LED lights, low flow fixtures, hot water tank wraps and more? Call Duncan and he will make the arrangements for you. Yes - it does sound too good to be true doesn't it?