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2003 Inductees

Bill Wilson Sr. 1900-1963

Many things come to mind that were special about William Blackburn Wilson, but none more than the fact that he was always available to talk and willing to help young and old who were interested in developing and promoting sports. Although he worked day and night he was a dedicated fan of sports at all levels particularly hockey and baseball.

Bill was born in Windsor, NS (hockey's birthplace) educated at Kings College and was always glancing at the sports pages. He naturally became actively involved. While attending Kings, he played rugby and participated in track and field- specializing in running the hurdles.

After graduating as a registered pharmacist from the Maritime College of Pharmacy he worked in Halifax, then in Lunenburg- where he met his wife-to-be Margaret. He also worked in Bridgewater. His interest in the Berwick Bruins Hockey Club was a major influence in his decision to move to Berwick. After coming to Berwick he married and had one son Bill Jr. He quickly became involved with the Berwick Bruins Senior Hockey Team in the executive capacity from 1936-38.

In the 40's and 50's Bill Wilson's Drug Store was a sports "Hot Spot". Ball and Hockey teams were often created and developed at the store. The Drug Store became a contact spot for fans, ball and hockey teams sometimes saw their operations headquartered at the store.

In 1942 he was deeply involved in the town hockey league, and ironically, was president of the Industrial Hockey League at the time of his death in 1963. He was involved as secretary/treasurer of the Berwick Bruins from 1943-1949. Winning two Intermediate Nova Scotia Championships and one Maritime Intermediate Championship, he was also secretary/treasurer of The Berwick Apple Kings- 1956-57 Maritime Junior Hockey Champions.

He also was active in baseball and softball. In 1947 he served as secretary/treasurer of the Berwick Junior Baseball Team, and in the same year was instrumental in reorganizing the Berwick Amateur Athletic Association. In 1948 he organized Little League Baseball and continued this activity for a number of years. Bill also served as secretary/treasurer of the Berwick All-Stars Softball Club in 1959 and 1960.

Bill Wilson Sr. was a charter member of Berwick Gala Days Committee, a member of the Anglican Church in Berwick, Berwick Masonic Lodge, Berwick Legion and the Berwick Minor Ball Association. He was also a First World War veteran.

He was indeed one of Berwick's great builders.

Inducted June 2003

1944-45 Berwick Bruins Nova Scotia Intermediate Hockey Champions

It was a war year. Local hockey enthusiasts needed more than replaying games dug out of the past. In a preseason interview, the Register had this description of President Dr. Moreash " with a beaming countenance and a glint in his eye that bespeaks confidence that his pets will not be on the short end of all the goal counting this winter."

There was no league play, so some of the classiest teams in Nova Scotia were booked for set-tos with the famous Bruins. They included Windsor Ramblers, Aldershot, Cornwallis, and Halifax Navy, to name a few. These teams, some laced with all stars from Allan Cup play and others bolstered by ex N.H.L.ers provided lots of end to end play and lots of thrilling moments for the locals.

With the last of the training series of Exhibition Hockey came the first of the playoff matches for the Provincial Hockey Title. Mahone Bay accompanied by many fans arrived in Berwick for the first game. Water covered ice made good hockey impossible. The result was a 4-3 loss. Provincial play calls for home and home total goals to count. Game two was a different story. Good ice conditions at the Lunenburg arena displayed the difference. Speed was a huge factor. The result 14-5 victory in the game and 17-8 series win. Al Fagan scored 8 goals.

Next up, the Thompson and Sutherland Squad from New Glasgow. Seven hundred and fifty red-hot hockey fans turned out to the Berwick Arena to watch the visitors put up a game fight, but New Glasgow were outclassed on the night's play. The Bruins were stronger in front of the net, and much too fast a company, they trounced the visitors by a score of 16-4. New Glasgow forfeited the return match and mainland championship.

The Nova Scotia Intermediate Hockey Championship would be a "sudden death" match played in Truro, between Berwick and New Waterford. The game was wide open and evenly contested throughout, the lead changing several times. Berwick started out early and led after the first period by a 4-3 score. Berwick scored twice in the first three minutes of period two with New Waterford roaring back to score 4 in a row, at the end of second it was 7-7. In the third stanza, it was a ding-dong battle, anyone's game up to the last two minutes. In true Bruin fashion, the Berwick pucksters ganged the Cape Bretoners' net and tallied three times to clinch the Nova Scotia title. Al Fagan was high scorer, 6 goals and 2 assists. MacDonald secured three and Ward and Ogilvie two apiece, Fred Fiske had a single making the final 14-10.

A one game "sudden death" would also be played in Truro for the Maritime Intermediate Hockey Championship. Borden, P.E.I. would play the Bruins who were hurt by the absence of their "star" defenseman Max Noseworthy and a disallowed goal by Fred Fiske. The result was an exciting 7-6 loss and the Maritime Title went to Borden, P.E.I.

President: Dr. R.A. Moreash
Manager: Spencer Horsburgh
Vice President: Bill Wilson Sr.
Mascot: Don Morse
Harley Bligh
Fred Fiske
Hugh Smith
Max Noseworthy
Al Fagan
Munro MacDonald
Frank Fillmore
Fred Sanford
Leon Fiske
Don Ogilvie
Allison Ward

Inducted June 2003

1943-44 Berwick Mens Curling Team

This team made unequalled history in the winter of 1943-44 in three major curling events, even though no championship had been won. The "Father and Son Rink"(so dubbed by the bonspielers), skipped and mated by Howard (son) and Ern Margeson (father), respectively, together with their teammates Waldo Lovelace and Wayne Early on no less than three occasions came within an ace of bringing home the championship trophy.

In their first major event of the season the team was runner up for the Ralston Cup in the Western Counties bonspiel. Their next event was the Provincial Johnson Cup Championship in Truro where they received the J.D. MacKenzie Shield for runners-up in that event.

After winning the club championship the team entered the Provincial Championship being held at the Halifax Curling Club. Twenty of the most skilled rinks from all over Nova Scotia had assembled there. Berwick lost their first game to Kentville, then rallied to eliminate team after team. First it was Bridgewater, then Windsor, Dartmouth and finally a 12-10 extra end thriller over Yarmouth. They advanced to the final three where they lost to Halifax 11-6. Halifax then beat Sydney 14 to 7. In the format of the championship the Berwick team met Sydney for the runner up, and showing real form, they defeated the Cape Bretoners by a score of 10-5.

Owing to shortages of hotel accommodations many players slept in Pullman Railway Cars, at the CNR terminals. The last night the Pullman Cars had been withdrawn leaving players scratching for sleeping quarters in hotel lobbies and furnace rooms. As well as this inconvenience players carried their own curling stones in wooden boxes weighing 44 lbs. each.

Three major bonspiels, three runner up titles, an incredible accomplishment for these Berwick curlers.

Skip: Howard Margeson
Mate: E.W. (Ern) Margeson
Second: Waldo Lovelace
Lead: Wayne Earley

Inducted June 2003

1929-30 Berwick Bruins Hockey Team

In the spring of 1929, citizens of Berwick and vicinity, enthusiastically embarked on a journey to build an up-to-date covered rink. A joint stock company was formed, called The Berwick Arena Ltd. Shares were sold and practically all citizens of the town subscribed for shares. A public meeting was held to determine the building site, cost and financial responsibility. It was decided the skating area would be 160x70 feet, the curling ice 140x14 feet, with a total cost of $7800. The site would be adjacent to the athletic grounds in the centre of town.

By late fall the building was practically ready for use, only eight weeks from the time the first timbers were laid, and many local experts deemed it "the best built arena in the Valley," providing for both skating and curling. In November with the Berwick Arena nearly completed, a meeting of hockey enthusiasts was held and it was decided that a Senior Berwick Hockey Club be formed. A sum of $1.00 per person for fees was agreed upon and it was hoped that all interested would join to promote amateur hockey in the town.

On November 25, 1929, at a meeting of the Berwick Hockey Club, which many attended, it was decided to name the team the Berwick Bruins, starting a tradition that stands today. The uniform colours would be orange and black, and a crest was selected to be worn by the senior team.

The Bruins entered the strong Central Valley Senior Hockey League January 3rd. They had a good showing during the regular season and ended up playing Middleton for the league Championship. In the best 2 of 3 series the Bruins won the first game of the series 3-2 at home. The second game in Middleton 'went all wrong' for the Bruins losing 7-1. In the final game in Berwick the Bruins outplayed Middleton 3-2. It was the fastest game of the season, and was witnessed by a record crowd. The date was February 28,1930.

Because he recruited, managed, coached and was the star defenseman of the original Berwick Bruins, the honour of being the first Berwick Bruin goes to Raymond Douglas Johnson. The members of the team were:


Neil Keddy (Goalie)
Raymond McPhee (Goalie)
Charles Nichols
Henry Lloyd
Sid Johnstone
Raymond Douglas Johnson
Tom Dauphinee
Bernie Ward
Bill Kinsman
Lewis Pierce
Leslie Ward
Tom Parker

Winning a league Championship the first year of play in a new arena was truly a Hall of Fame achievement.

Inducted June 2003

James (Jimmie) Joseph White - 1910-1989

James (Jimmie) Joseph White (LeBlanc) began his hockey career in his hometown of Port Elgin, NB.

He came to Berwick in 1936 and became an instant star with the Berwick Bruins Senior Hockey Club.

He was instrumental in the 1936-37 season when the Bruins won the Nova Scotia Senior Hockey Championship. Jimmy was noted as a play maker who played both ends of the rink. After three seasons with the Bruins, Jimmie left Berwick in 1939 to play senior hockey in other parts of the country including Ontario, Quebec and Pictou County.

He returned to Berwick in 1946 and played until the rink burned in1949 then resumed his career into the 1960's in the new arena.

Jimmie is the hero in a local hockey legend. As the story goes it was 1938 and the Bruins were down 2-0 to Kentville in provincial play down action. Late in the third period, the Kentville announcer informed the crowd that Kentville would be playing Halifax in the next series and what time fans could catch the train. After hearing this, Jimmie scored 2 goals and set up another in one minute twenty one seconds. Berwick won the game 3-2 and went on to play Halifax.

Jimmie was known for his physical fitness which led to a long hockey career, spanning four decades. Jimmie was a strong player in the Western Kings County Hockey League in the 1960's while over 50 years of age.

As well as playing a long time he played in many places including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

He retired from Canada Packers and moved to Pictou in mid 1960's.

Jimmie White was a true hockey star, one of the best to wear a Bruins sweater.

Inducted June 2003

Pat Hampsey

Growing up in the 40's in Berwick, a town already steeped with a rich sports history- it was only natural to be influenced by it all. Listening to hockey broadcasts with his Dad, Pat heard about a book on how to play better baseball and hockey and promptly sent away for it. The book enrolled him in a better "sports school". The rest, of course, is history.

Pat's career would give the newspapers plenty to write about. Pat began his baseball with the Berwick Midgets, then Juveniles and Juniors starring with all three. With the Juveniles in 1949, he compiled a record of nine wins and no losses.

During this period, baseball was very popular in the Valley with Middleton Cardinals a league powerhouse. Pat attracted their attention, they signed him and in 1954, he went 16-2 as the team finished as Nova Scotia Senior Finalist. He also batted a respectable .342.

Softball was also becoming very popular. In 1958, Pat signed with the Aylesford Mohawks, played shortstop, hit .400 with 12 home runs as they finished runner-up in the Nova Scotia Championship. Pat was instrumental in forming the Berwick Legionnaires Softball Team. They started out Intermediate then switched to Junior and won the Maritime Championship their very first year. Many of these players carried on in the Senior level with Pat coaching and playing first base. Berwick won the Intermediate Maritime Championship in 1961, and 1963 won the Maritime Senior B Championship. During Pat's Legionnaires career he had a lifetime batting average over .300. He finished his coaching career with the Berwick Alpines in the early 70's.

As a hockey player, Pat played with the 1957 Berwick Bruins where he had one game with six goals and another with 10 assists. He played for the Coldbrook Aces, was a top scorer as they won the highly competitive Kings County Hockey League Championship in 1960-61. Artificial ice came to Berwick in 1961-62 and a local league was formed. Pat won the scoring championship that year playing as a defenseman. Later in life Pat turned his interest and skills to golf and curling, playing to a 4 handicap.

Pat Hampsey, known as an all round athlete with a keen sense of all sports.

Inducted June 2003