Berwick Electric Commission

Alternative Energy Initiatives

Leading the Scene by Going Green

Berwick’s energy comes from:

6% hydro dam

14% solar

48% wind

32% NSPI/imported

Renewable Energy Initiatives

What are the renewable energy initiatives that the Berwick Electric Commission is part of?

  • The community has operated a hydroelectric generating system since 1921!
  • In 2014, AREA constructed the Ellershouse Wind Farm which provides Berwick with 40% of its electricity.
  • In 2023, the Community Solar Garden was added which provides Berwick with 14% of its electricity and is fed directly into the utility, benefiting all customers fairly and equitably.

Learn more about AREA, the Alternative Energy Resource Authority, visit


Berwick Electric in the News

Centennial Community Solar Garden

The Town of Berwick has built a community solar garden to make solar accessible to everyone.

“The Town of Berwick continues to be a leader in clean, affordable, and renewable energy. The Community Solar Garden is another step toward the pursuit of providing 100% renewable energy to all Berwick Electric customers. Having the electricity generated from the solar garden delivered to all utility customers, will ensure solar is accessible to everyone, with all customers benefiting fairly and equitably.” - Don Regan, Superintendent Berwick Electric Commission

Annually, the Town of Berwick’s community solar garden will be equivalent to reducing 3859 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, removing 839 gas-powered cars from the road or powering 543 Berwick homes.

The community solar garden projects have been funded in part by the Government of Canada, and the Province of Nova Scotia.


Service Area

The area shown below is the Berwick Electric Commission's service area. 

The Berwick Electric Commission also includes a portion of Windermere Rd and the Hall Road to Aylesford Road.

Unsure of whether or not you are a customer of the Berwick Electric Commission? Contact us at 902-538-8068 ext 4009.

Town of Berwick boundaries map - Berwick Electric Commission

Tree Service

Residents who have a tree issue arise are asked to contact Town Hall, by calling 902-538-8068 or visiting Town Hall during regular office hours (8:30 AM - 4:00 PM)

Staff have identified priorities for tree service and maintain a list for tree service and removal.