Solar Garden

The Town, with the help of AREA, is building a community solar garden to make solar accessible to everyone.

AREA was founded in 2014 by Antigonish, Berwick and Mahone Bay to reduce energy costs and environmental impact within municipally owned electrical utilities. AREA has successfully owned and operated the Ellershouse Windfarm since 2014. AREA is project managing the community solar gardens in each of the three municipalities which are nearing the completion phase. These projects provide clean and affordable electricity for consumers, and the partner municipalities are all committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable energy supplies.

“The Town of Berwick continues to be a leader in clean, affordable, and renewable energy. The Community Solar Garden is another step toward the pursuit of providing 100% renewable energy to all Berwick Electric customers. Having the electricity generated from the solar garden delivered to all utility customers, will ensure solar is accessible to everyone, with all customers benefiting fairly and equitably.” - Don Regan, Superintendent Berwick Electric Commission

Annually, the Town of Berwick’s community solar garden will be equivalent to reducing 3859 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, removing 839 gas-powered cars from the road or powering 543 Berwick homes.

The community solar garden projects have been funded in part by the Government of Canada, and the Province of Nova Scotia.